A Clean Pet is a Happy Pet!

Welcome to Pawtastic Pet Grooming of Pacifica, where special pets receive expert gentle grooming care. We provide complete bathing and grooming services for dogs, cats and other small companion animals.

We're located at 520 San Pedro Avenue, Pacifica, CA. The shop is right near Highway One in Pedro Point behind Door #3 of the Castle Building complex. There is plenty of free parking.

Open Tuesday through Saturday; cash and checks accepted.

Please call 650-580-7439, or send a PAWMAIL for an estimate or to book an appointment.


Meet Pamela Dolan,pamela dolan
Professional Pet Groomer

Pawtastic Grooming offers experienced, high quality grooming care for companion animals.

Every pet receives special handling and tender loving care.

Complete bathing and grooming services available for dogs, cats and small pets such as tortoises (shell cleaning) and hamsters (nail trimming).

Pet CPR certified.



Servicespamela dolan

Warm water baths, shampoos, conditioners

Medicated shampoos for skin problems

Flea shampoos

Brushing and nail clipping

Sanitary clips

Ear cleaning

Glands checked and expressed as needed

Pets gently fluff dried by hand (NO cage drying here!)


Pawliciespamela dolan

Grooming charges are based on the size and coat condition of your pet. The minimum charge is $35. Please call for an estimate.

Please also be aware that we will not brush dematt an overly matted pet. This can be a painful and time consuming procedure that causes discomfort and skin irritation to your pet. If your pet is overly matted, it is best to completely clip the hair to allow healthy fur to regrow. This situation can be avoided by having your pet bathed, brushed and clipped regularly. Your pet's safety and comfort are the primary concern.



Special Situations pamela dolan

Please advise of any allergies, sensitiveness or existing medical conditions. Some pets are sensitive to certain grooming procedures, such as nail trimming or gland expressing. We will not continue a procedure if it causes any undue pain or stress on your pet. Some procedures are best handled by your veterinarian.

Very muddy or sandy pets cannot be accepted due to plumbing concerns.

Petsitting is sometimes available at the shop, depending on space/schedule and billed at $16 per hour.



Businesses Near Pawtastic Grooming

Normally pet grooming takes an hour or less. We are located close to the following businesses which are convenient for an errand or snack while you wait for your pet: